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校园招聘Enterprise Brief Introduction:

Hercules Logistics Co.Ltd,founded in 2001, after years of hard work, actively explore, in November 2010, completed shareholding system reform, in January 2014, landing the stock transfer system of small and medium-sized enterprises (that is, the 'new three board), as the first logistics enterprises, for the first batch of new three board listed. stock abbreviation:Hercules Logistics ,stock code: 430377.

With the business philosophy of 'continuously creating higher value for customers', Hercules Logistics has been serving numerous domestic and international brand customers for many years and has won numerous favorable comments. As a leading domestic supply chain management service enterprise, it mainly provides international and domestic, online and offline supply chain management services to international buyers and their manufacturers, large retailers and their suppliers, brand owners and their distributors and other customers. It includes full-chain and full-channel logistics management, leading logistics service (LLP), business data service, trade agency service, supply chain financial service, etc. we are a comprehensive supply chain management service enterprise integrating logistics, business flow, information flow and capital flow.

Hercules Logistics’Development:

● in 2019,HESC building was completed and opened; Brand image upgraded to HESC.

● In 2017,deep ploughing large platform + small front end mode

● In 2016,established guangdong ivy e-commerce co., ltd. and to build a business data service platform;

● In 2015, full chain and full channel LLP service capability, B2B platform launch, start supply chain financial services;

● In 2014, the company entered the national sme share transfer system and was listed on the new third board (NTB) with the stock code of 430377.

● In 2011, First Mile service, contract service for online and offline retailers and distribution service for brand owners was launched;

● In 2010, the shareholding system was reformed;

● In 2009, launched inter-city distribution in the pearl river delta and RTV service for retail logistics enterprises

● In 2005, milk-run mode was applied to international procurement logistics for the first time in China, and value-added services such as order optimization and factory management were provided to customers;

● In 2002, east China/Hong Kong/southwest China agencies were successively established to provide bonded warehousing and customs declaration services to improve cross-border logistics capacity;

● In 2001, Hercules Logistics was established.

Recruitment Process:

Information session (on-site delivery of resumes)----- Written test (written test on the spot after the presentation)-----Interview-----Final interview----- Signed an agreement

Resume Delivery

(1) Send your resume to with the subject 'name + graduate institutions + major + Job applications ';

(2) Fresh graduates job website (、 Haitou website (、The company's official website、Official recruitment WeChat public number(HGWLHR);

(3) Bring your resume to the campus information conference, scan the code and deliver it.

Contact Us:


Contacts:Miss Huang

Tel: 0755 - 8277 2749

WeChat Official Account:HGWLHR(Official recruitment WeChat public number)、sososcm(Company official WeChat public number)

Additional: About the management trainee program

In 2013, Hercules Logistics officially launched the campus recruitment program for management trainees (wave plan) with the theme of 'sea growth · you are the master', which has been extended to the sixth year.

● Management trainee (wave plan) project objective:

Through scientific and rigorous recruitment, systematic and efficient training, clear and reasonable career planning, comprehensive security system and other sound management trainee training mechanism, to train future leaders and experts for the company as the guide, to provide talent reserve for the company's senior management.

● Management trainee (wave scheme) project features:

With the development of management training and the development of the company 'win-win' as the ultimate goal, to provide management training: rapid career development platform, challenges and opportunities, interests and aspirations, mentor system, closely tracking the training situation, implementation of performance appraisal.

● Introduction to the series of projects of 'sea growth'

Hailang plan:Selection and training of operational/operational high potential fresh graduates;

Haiyan plan:Reserve supervisor talent selection and training;

Haiying plan:Reserve manager talent selection and training;

Haipeng plan:Reserve director talent selection and training;

Hailong plan:Reserve vice/general manager talent selection and training;