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  • 2017 - 06 - 20
    To help newly promoted managers understand their new roles and new tasks, Hercules Logistics organized a series of symposiums from June 8 to 14. The managers newly promoted in 2017 had a discussion with senior management of the company on many issues such as how to elevate comprehensive strength and promote fine management. In the symposiums, 41 new managers had face-to-face communication about the confusion, difficulties, requirements and suggestions they have after being promoted.They said that the transition from a normal employee to an excellent manager is a gradual accumulation process. The are eager to learn how to accomplish the management role transition in terms of the mindset and knowledge base and how to effectively improve their abilities in trans-department communication and coordination.  The President Yan Bin shared his extensive experience in management. He said, “Managers must shoulder their duties and be responsible for the result. For problems faced in...
  • 2017 - 06 - 16
    On June 13, volunteers from the Student Sponsorship Management Center of Ar Horqin Banner (Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China) drove for a long distance to the Hanwula Mongolian Primary School and delivered 681 delicate notebooks to the children. As one of 31 primary schools that received donations, the Hanwula Mongolian Primary School was the last station of the public-interest donation activity jointly organized by Hercules Logistics and Paper-Oh (the brand is under the same publishing company as Paperblanks, a renowned Western classical notebook brand).In total, 6490 notebooks valued at 400 thousand RMB were donated during this activity. As the witness and public spirit promoter, Hercules Logistics took charge of contacting the non-profit organization and beneficiary schools and transporting the notebooks. Thousands of children of 31 schools, including 18 schools in Ar Horqin Banner and 13 schools in Sichuan Province, received the donations.In the Letter of Donati...
  • 2017 - 06 - 07
    The Yantian Bonded Warehouse and Exhibition Hall in Hercules Retail Logistics Center have integrated the cross-border e-commerce bonded warehouse, bonded exhibition and trade, and comprehensive service functions for cross-border supply chains. Based on Hercules’ complete supply chain services, the facilities can provide customers with full-chain, full-channel, and one-stop butler services for logistic supply chains. Perfect commercial supporting services, fashionable business office zones, and relaxing landscape architecture highlight our benefits. Investment promotion is ongoing. Space is to be available in September.Consulting hotline: 0755-2686-6800Convenient Transportation Location The project is located in the Comprehensive Free Trade Zone of Yantian District, which is at the intersection between the eastern coastal express way and the Mingzhu Avenue. Adjacent to Yantian Port, Yantian Customs Administration, and Yantian Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau1.4 km away from Y...
  • 2017 - 05 - 19
    On May 12, the "Logistics Revolution Forum in the Sharing Era and Second General Assembly of Shenzhen Truckload & Logistics Association" co-sponsored by Shenzhen Truckload & Logistics Association and China National Heavy Duty Truck Group was held in Shenzhen Wuzhou Guest House. The forumfocused on connectivity, truck fleet, car-free carrier, internet-based integrated logistics port, trailer pick-up transport, trailer pool and other subjects, at which wisdom, experience and achievement were shared and ways of logistics revolution in the sharing era were explored. About 500 people including heads of well-known domestic logistics enterprises, experts and representative heads of members of the association attended the forum. They brought the latest news at the forefront of the industry and made face-to-face discussions to recognize situations, clarify dilemmas, seize opportunities, constantly make innovations and seek ways out.Wen Wenhua, Deputy Director of Transport Comm...
  • 2017 - 04 - 21
    In order to practice spirits of Lei Feng and carry forward traditional virtues of the Chinese nation including respect, love, esteem and assistance for elders, Hercules Logistics Voluntary Service Team joined the voluntary service activity to visit elders in a nursing home (the 23rd session) on April 16. In the stage of application ahead of this activity, colleagues showed their passion for participation. In order not to disrupt rest of elders and tranquility in the nursing home, a total of 12 volunteer representatives from all departments in the Company took part in this activity. They came to a nursing home in Nanshan to visit elders there and brought laughter and cheer to elders by chat, performance, etc. Concerning elders who resided there, some were entrusted by their sons and daughters who were too busy to take care of them day and night; some of them had lost their only children and chose to spend their remaining years there in comfort. Elders were mild but lonely inward, thus t...
  • 2017 - 04 - 12
    Recently, the South China franchise signing ceremony of a high-end German automobile brand was staged in Shenzhen. As an important supply chain service provider, Hercules Logistics attended the event and witnessed the strength of the brand.In the afternoon, a delegation of the brand owner paid a visit to the Hercules Retail Logistics Center. Our staff introduced Hercules’ development history and strategic services, as well as the project progress of the Center in terms of space scale, business functions and other modules. The favorable locations, convenient transportation, and well-equipped facilities of the exhibition hall and bonded warehouse in the Center deeply impressed the customer.The customer had visited the Hercules Retail Logistics Center at the beginning of March. Their second visit embodied an in-depth exchange between the two sides. We believe that the bilateral friendly relationship will lay a good foundation for further cooperation in the future, and look forward that we...
  • 2017 - 03 - 29
    From March 28 to 29, a delegation led by Wei Gang (Chairman of the Nanning Branch of Guangxi Xijiang Development & Investment Group Co., Ltd.), Fang Weixun (Deputy Director of the Logistics Trade Department of Xijiang Group), and Wei Xiaodong (Deputy Director of the Investment & Development Department of Xijiang Group) paid a visit to Hercules Logistics. The two sides had an exchange and discussion on future cooperation directions in the logistics supply chain area, and reached an agreement on a series of cooperation intentions.In the afternoon of the first day, the delegation of Xijiang Group firstly visited the Hercules Retail Logistics Center. The head of the project introduced the project progress of the Center in terms of space scale, business functions and other modules. In the scheduling room of Hercules Transportation, the head of Hercules Port Transportation Operation Center introduced running processes of the scheduling system to the delegation.In the morning of the s...
  • 2017 - 03 - 03
    On March 2, a delegation of 8 people from Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and Malaysia-China Business Council (MCBC) paid a visit to Hercules Logistics, who were received by Mei Chunlei-President of Hercules Logistics and Zhao Jihu--Vice President of Hercules Logistics. Both parties communicated about digital economy and development of digital free trade zone of Malaysia anddiscussed how to boost bilateral cooperation in cross-border e-commerce. The MDEC and MCBC delegation from Malaysia was the fifth delegation of international guests to visit Hercules Logistics following American Werner, German and Singaporean businessmen, Japanese businessmen, and Malaysian partners in a week.At the meeting, Ms. Ng Wan Peng, COO of MDEC, introduced basic information of development of digital economy in Malaysia, and advantages and characteristics of digital free trade zone. She said that in recent years, Malaysia has regarded digital economy as an important source of "new momentum&q...
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