Mainland China-Hongkong transportation
Including sparse port container transportation and van transportation services

Provide customs clearance, Mainland China – Hongkong transportation (Hong Kong local transportation and warehousing services), domestic ordinary cars seamlessly to all parts of the country.


Over 15 years’ experienced operation team;


4pl system make transportation visible;


Hong Kong local warehouse value added services;


Abundant warehousing and transportation resources. Hercules Express has a 5000-foot warehouse and 60 self-own vehicles.                         

Southeast Asia Cross-border Transportation
Shanghai-Pingxiang-Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Provide the FTL/LTL transportation service from southwest land transportation gateways of China to Southeast Asian countries.

FTL transportation

LTL transportation


The transit time is faster than seaf freight.Whole-process one-stop door to door service.Taking Ho Chi Minh for example, the cross-border transit time between Ho Chi Minh and Shanghai is 5 days, while the transit time of sea transportation is 8-9 days;


The cost is lower than air transportation. Taking Ho Chi Minh-Shanghai for example, the cost of land transportation is about 1/4 that of air transportation, and the whole-process land transportation without change of transportation mode guarantees the cargo safety;


Vehicles can be scheduled at any time. In Pingxiang customs, which opens all year round, without limitation of shifts, and without delay or port congestion owing to weather conditions.