General Warehouses
Provide professional comprehensive warehousing

By integrating advantages of abundant warehousing resources and warehousing and distribution resources, we can provide professional integrated warehousing.

7 Major

National branch warehouses

6 Major

Pallet warehouses


Nation-wide warehouse area


Number of nation-wide storage locations

  Warehouses have been established in multiple locations, boasting advantages of travel network coverage;

  Integrated warehousing and distribution, integrated resources, optimal cost, and optimal transit time;

  Multiple warehouse types, which can satisfy requirements of different industries;

  Professional teams, refined management;

  INFOR WMS system, big data analysis, IT technical support.

Bonded Warehouses
Improve customer cross-border supply chain efficiency and save operating costs

Provide customers with logistics services including bonded warehousing, export consolidation, import distribution, bonded interplant transfer, simple processing, bonded return for repair, and transit trade.

Resource guarantee
Resource guarantee

  More than 15 years' experience with professional bonded logistics services;

  More than 50 self-own customs declaration and inspection personnel, good customs credit, (customs A-class enterprise);

  Manage bonded supervised warehouses with the area of more than 100,000 square meters nation-wide.

Product advantages
Product advantages

  Flexible, demand-oriented;

  Fast transit time, convenient customs clearance;

  Avoid various tedious returning formalities;

  Effectively control time, warehousing, and labor cost;

  Achieve the purpose of export tax rebate and write-off with low cost and high efficiency.

Futian bonded warehouse

Hong Kong's geographical advantages seamlessly interconnect businesses of  Mainland China and Hong Kong, satisfying customer requirements.

Yantian bonded warehouse

It relies on the world's largest individual port to satisfy the requirements of import and export consolidation and distribution.

Bonded cloud warehouse

Service network of bonded warehouses in the Pearl River Delta region and other areas satisfy customers diverse bonded requirements.

Factory Logistics
Provide full chain warehousing and logistics services

Provide full chain warehousing and logistics services in the production plant at the front end of the production line and the back end of the production line.


Include receiving of raw materials and packing material, in-warehouse management, and distribution for rollout services; Order processing, mantissa picking, and loading of finished products provide factories with a series of personalized professional logistics services, so that the factory logistics system can seamlessly interconnect with the production lines and front-end and rear-end transportation resources, so as to better cooperate with the production schedule of the factories and support the sales schedule in the market.


Whole outsourcing: personalized solution covering labor management + financial management + customization.

Project team:

Excellent project operation team and customer service with more than 10 years' experience, guarantee customer service quality.