Social Recruitment
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Job responsibilities:

1. Organized the establishment and continuous improvement of the management system, procedures and standards related to the company's whole network safety production, and established the safety management system;

2. Supervise the construction of security and anti-theft mechanisms and facilities, and improve the effectiveness of civil air defense and technical defense;

3. Monitored the implementation and implementation effect of the safety management system of the company in each department and region, inspected the site, supervised the risk disclosure and improved the implementation;

4. Communicate and coordinate with the competent safety authorities and external parties, maintain the certification and recognition of the company's safety management, and promote the recognition of the safety performance of the organization by relevant parties;

5. Promote the improvement of safety awareness, knowledge and skills of personnel at all levels through various training, publicity, assessment and application of rewards and punishments, and create the enterprise safety management culture;

6. Supervise the safety management of special equipment and high-risk sites;

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, safety engineering education background, more than three years of relevant work experience, suitable for short-term business trips;

2. Familiar with TAPA, production safety standardization and safety related laws and regulations of logistics enterprises;

3. Certificate of 'registered safety engineer';

4. Familiar with the inspection process of safety supervision and fire departments, familiar with TAPA, production safety standardization and relevant laws and regulations of logistics enterprises;

5. Good ability of cross-field communication and coordination and project management; Good documentation and document writing ability;

6. Able to design and develop safety management related training courseware and provide internal training as a lecturer;