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Take Hong Kong as the cross-border cargo distribution center, and face the warehousing service network in Southeast Asia, and connect China and Asian markets,

Build complete service network in Asia, and meet customers' demands for cross-border business.

Service modes and advantages:

Linkage between self-owned warehouses of China's bonded zone and local self-owned warehouses in Hong Kong: provide professional inventory solutions by taking advantage of linkage among warehouses, promote supply chain efficiency and reduce inventory cost effectively.

Linkage with warehouse in Hong Kong: the warehouse service network covers various districts of Hong Kong to offer convenient services.

Linkage between warehouses in Hong Kong and warehouses in Southeast Asia: activelyconstruct warehousing networks in Southeast Asia on the basis ofbased on existing basic logistics services, create self-owned resources, and provide cross-border supply chain. The service platform provides comprehensive cross-border supply chain service based on the warehouses in Southeast Asia, taking advantage of self-own transportation networks covering Southeast Asia.

Advanced infor system management: integrated inventory management system guarantees data security and accuracy, enables you to understand inventory data of cargos distributed in various countries all over Asia by one click, and helps you to make quick decisions.


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