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Notebook Donation Activity | Hercules Logistics Presented 10,000 Paper-oh Notebooks as Gifts for the
Date: 2017-09-07
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On Sep. 6, Hercules Logistics collaborated with the Department of Education of Yantian District to hold a caring donation activity with the theme of "Care about Education, Write the Future" at the Yantian District Government. Hercules Logistics donated a total of 10,000 Paper-oh notebooks worthy of 600 thousand yuan. Mr. Qiao Hongbin,the Deputy Director of the Yantian District Party Committee, Mr. Li Zhili the Director of the Department of Education of Yantian District, Mr. Li Jiexian the Deputy Managing Director of United Front Work Department of Yantian District, Mr. Mei Chunlei the Chairman of Hercules Logistics and relevant school representatives of Yantian District(in total over 40 people) participated in the donation activity.

Notebook Donation Activity | Hercules Logistics Presented 10,000 Paper-oh Notebooks as Gifts for the

"We will deliver the notebooks to 13 primary and secondary schools in Yantian District and other primary and secondary schools in and out of the province that they provide aid to for the alleviation of poverty, as well as 26 kindergartens (including 23 private kindergartens)," said the staff from the Department of Education of Yantian District .

Notebook Donation Activity | Hercules Logistics Presented 10,000 Paper-oh Notebooks as Gifts for the

This charitable donation is the second Paper-oh notebooks donation activity that Hercules Logistics held. In this May, Hercules Logistics, under the collaboration and help of Mingde Student Aid Public Welfare, Tencent volunteers financial branch, student aid management center of Aluke'erqinqi of Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, donated 6490 Paper-oh notebooks worthy of 400 thousand yuan to thousands of students in 31 schools including 18 schools in Aluke'erqinqi of Chifeng City, 13 schools in Ziyang City, Nanbu County, Yanyuan County in the Daliang Mountains and Meigu County in Sichuan Province. 

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