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The 12th Logistics Fair | Hercules Logistics Takes You Back to the Grand Event for Global Model Bran
Date: 2017-10-13
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In Oct.12, the three-day 12th Shenzhen International Logistics and Transportation Fair launched grand opening in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Hercules Logistics had its booth in Hall 9. It received visitors and friends from home and abroad in an open party form with red wine and snacks served.

After 12 years of development, this Fair has grown into a grand event for global model brands in logistics field. The Fair in this year, with the theme of "New Model, New Technology, New Link, New Power", has attracted nearly 1900 enterprises from more than 50 countries and regions to attend. Mr. Liu Xiaoming, the Vice Director of the Ministry of Transportation, Mr. Wang Weizhong, member of the Provincial Standing Committee of Guangdong Province and the Party Secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Committee and Mr. Chen Rugui, the Deputy Secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and the Mayor of Shenzhen, attended the opening ceremony.

This event attracted more than 132 thousand visitors from over 80 countries of the world. The Hercules Logistics' exhibition hall was designed with fresh blue color in a modern simple style highlighting the openness and sharing concept of Hercules' ecosystem. The exhibition hall focused on the display of its complete supply chain service contents as well as its concept and results in promoting sustainable development. 

The 12th Logistics Fair | Hercules Logistics Takes You Back to the Grand Event for Global Model Bran

The 12th Logistics Fair | Hercules Logistics Takes You Back to the Grand Event for Global Model Bran

The photo display wall of the building of Hercules Retail Logistics Center has attracted the attention of lots of visitors. In addition to the professional reception team for introduction, we also prepared delicious desserts and red wine. Chatting, wine tasting, gifts and other activities have attracted many visitors to participate in the interaction.

The 12th Logistics Fair | Hercules Logistics Takes You Back to the Grand Event for Global Model Bran

The 12th Logistics Fair | Hercules Logistics Takes You Back to the Grand Event for Global Model Bran

The 12th Logistics Fair | Hercules Logistics Takes You Back to the Grand Event for Global Model Bran

In the morning of Oct.12, Mr. Mei Chunlei, the Chairman of Hercules Logistics, accepted the exclusive interview by Mr. Cai Yujiang, the chief editor of the Internet of Everything. Mei Chunlei said in the interview: in the industrial Internet era, as long as it can create value for customers then the service model has a purpose for existence. For example, logistics as a basic link in the complete supply chain services, its value is not only to help customers complete the task, reduce costs, and more importantly, it drives forward the procurement and sales. The LLP of Hercules (leading logistics services) provides such services. Hercules Logistics adheres to the service concept of creating higher value for customers and strives to provide complete supply chain services to meet customers' needs. By the end of 2017, Hercules 's strategic pyramid structure of "complete supply chain service" will have achieved significant results.

During the exhibition, the "Global Value Chain Innovation and Development Summit" was held together with nearly 70 forums related to supply chain services, logistics industry integration, intelligent logistics, urban public transportation development, cross-border transportation, railway-river combined transportation, e-commerce, cold chain logistics, logistics technology and equipment, logistics talents and other hot fields and key topics.

This Fair has gone through 12 years. Each role has been seeking mutual development and growth over the years. Heartfelt thanks to all the hard work of the staff and for all the care and support to Hercules Logistics.

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