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EMBA Teachers and Students from Zurich University of Applied Sciences and Hong Kong Baptist Universi
Date: 2016-12-07
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On the afternoon of October 20, 18, EMBA teachers and students from the School of Management and Law of Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland and from the School of Business of Hong Kong Baptist University paid a visit to Hercules Logistics. Liang Dan (senior manager of the overseas department of Hercules Logistics) and Wang Yuzhen (senior customer relationship manager) received the visitors.


EMBA Teachers and Students from Zurich University of Applied Sciences and Hong Kong Baptist Universi

Liang Dan first introduced the development history of Hercules Logistics and then the orientation of creating a supply chain service enterprise that incorporates logistics, business flow, information flow and capital flow. She expressed that the company's rapid development had benefited from the enterprise culture of continuing to innovate thinking to solve customers' problems and creating greater value for them.


From the very outset, like most logistics enterprises, Hercules Logistics sought business opportunities mainly relying on price advantage. In the second stage when logistics cost became transparent, we concentrated our efforts on enterprise system management and quality certification. We obtained international certification such as ISO, C-TPAT and TAPA one after another and won customers through refined management. At the present stage, we focused on system upgrading and development, such as cooperation with Oracle in OTM development and cloud platform creation. We achieved order management through LLP from the perspectives of information flow and business flow to better serve customers.


Wang Yuzhen said, Hercules Logistics's achievements in IT system construction consisted of system development and O&M (such as OTM, salesforce and WMS) and services provided to customers, that is, working out the best solutions tailored to customer demand with customer managers.

  The meeting was lively and cheerful. After the meeting, the delegation expressed their appreciation to Hercules Logistics for its reception and presented a souvenir to the company.


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